Informal meetings began in 1972 when a few people in health related agencies who coordinated volunteer services felt it was important to discuss ideas, concerns and needs.  A workshop was presented jointly with the Volunteer Center on “Friendly Visitors”.

In 1974 regular meeting times were established.  Programs planned to develop basic skills and offer tools to persons coordinating or supervising volunteers.  A minimum membership fee of $.50 was required.  Membership was opened to include all individuals who administered or assisted in administering volunteer services in any organization or agency in Central New York.

The birth of the Administrators of Volunteer Services of Central New York was in 1979.  We emerged as a professional organization with a set of By-Laws.  Officers were elected and committees established.

Our purpose today is still what it was almost 40 years ago: “to support and promote the concept of volunteerism; to contribute to the principles and practices of sound volunteer administration; to serve as a support and an educational/training resource to members and community organizations; and to promote the professional development of volunteer service administrators.”

AVS/CNY celebrated its tenth anniversary in June 1989 with a luncheon and proclamation recognizing volunteerism presented by Nicholas Pirro, Onondaga County Executive.  The highlight of the 1989-1990 year was the formation of the Professional Development Task Force for the membership to offer professional support and development to each other.  In 1994 the third Wall of Fame in Onondaga County, which was placed in a local mall during National Volunteer Week, and listed 13,000 volunteers from 63 agencies.

Special Recognition:

September 14, 1987
The Volunteer Center of Syracuse and Onondaga county presented a plaque to the Administrators of AVS CNY to recognize them “for their outstanding contribution and support” to the volunteer connection.

April 26-may 2, 1992
The State of New York recognized the week as “volunteer week” in the State of New York.

April 18, 1993
Harold c. Brown, Jr., duly elected member of the State Assembly of New York, recognized “that in Administrators of Volunteer Services of Central New York we have an outstanding citizen, one who is worthy of the esteem of both the community and the great State of New York.

April 22-28, 1996
The AVS of CNY is honored through “volunteer week: in the city of Syracuse and Onondaga county once again.”

April 13-19, 1997
Nicholas J. Pirro, county executive of the county of Onondaga, and Roy A. Bernardi, mayor of Syracuse, proclaims “volunteer week” in Onondaga County and the city of Syracuse.