Excellence Award

In 1998, the AVS Excellence Award was established to honor a current member of AVS who demonstrates exceptional performance that supported their agency’s mission statement, innovation with volunteer recruitment, recognition and retention, and creativity in starting new programs.

The Excellence Award is awarded to one member who has attended at least four membership meetings per year (September – March), regularly participates within the AVS organization and demonstrates an overall commitment to AVS and their employer. AVS members are nominated individually by Board Members during the month of April. Additional information may be requested from supervisors to supplement nomination. The recipient is awarded at the AVS Annual Meeting in June.

Excellence Award winners

Josiah Benedict (Salvation Army) – 2018
Rebecca Oppedisano (From the Ground Up) – 2015
Sarah Parton (Alzheimer’s Association, Central New York Chapter) – 2014
Justin Lynch (United Way) – 2013
Joseph Lancaster (SCSD) – 2012
Shannon Feeney (United Way) – 2011
Lisa DeAngelo (Rescue Mission) – 2010
Barbara Craner (Fayetteville Free Library) – 2009
Sandy Spitler (Alzheimer’s Association) – 2008
Susan Conover (Hospice) – 2006
Sally Starr (Rescue Mission) – 2005
Nina Garcia (American Red Cross) – 2004
Nancy Finney (Make A Wish) – 2003
Linda Brabham (Meals on Wheels) – 2002
Kathleen Pexton (Planned Parenthood) – 2001
Joan Keilen (RSVP in Madison County) – 2000